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Northern Submission Series July 15th

Greetings, grappling enthusiasts and fans of submission grappling!

It is with immense excitement and pride that we bring you the electrifying results of the highly anticipated "Northern Submission Series" match between our very own Ash Cooper and Sam Birdy.

Congratulations to them both for a great match! In the end Ash won with a knee bar, it was awesome

performance from both fighters.

This prestigious event brought together some of the most skilled submission artists from the northern regions, delivering a breathtaking showcase of technique, determination, and sportsmanship.

The Northern Submission Series took place on July 15th days, during which competitors faced off against fierce opposition in the quest for glory. With participants hailing from various gyms and backgrounds, this tournament was a true celebration of the submission grappling community in the north.

Throughout the event, fans were treated to awe-inspiring displays of technique, creativity, and resilience, as these athletes demonstrated why submission grappling is one of the most captivating martial arts disciplines.

Photos by Angy Ellis

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